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1st February 2008 -

Well everything below this line are my old RC videos that I'm leaving up just because I like them!  Hopefully if I manage to get hold of a Baja I'll be able to make and get some new videos up of that running around!



So far, I only have some vid's I have made myself of me and friend with our RC cars.  I do have plenty of other videos, but I'm having trouble deciding which ones to upload, so you'll have to make do with these!

Decided to start dating them, so -

29th August 2006

A quick vid of the new STS, still running rich with a split exhaust coupler so the tune was everywhere, just a little climbing chalk and general messing around on a building site action :-)

Bypass building site

9th January 2006

A video of me doing a huge jump with the Sav!  It takes so long for me to jump because I crashed on the run up, and it wasn't broken at the end, I just didn't try and drive because I had to run round the ramp so I could see it :-)

Big Air

31st March 2005

A few vids of Dave's MTA4 tearing round Country Car Park, doing some quite nice jumps, and finally wiping out in a painful way.

Here are a couple of 'blooper' videos where things didn't quite go plan, filmed on the golf course...

Here is some videos of the new Savage, and Dave's MTA on the golf course, jumping off the green!  Videos 1 and 4 are Dave's MTA4, and the rest are my Savage.

Here is a video made in Glen Gardens car park, of Dave's road car, in the damp, and dark, in front of our cars full beams and fog lights, with his neon aerial shining!  Fairly short and pointless video really, we just thought it looked cool when you could just see the aerial disappearing into the darkness after a bunch of donuts!

Here we are at country car park, on 7th July 2004, jumping over a dumped car.  The first vid is me getting some big air, then the second is my car doing a barrel roll in mid-air, then Dave's car just making it over the car roof, and landing nicely, then the last one is what happened when Dave put the ramp too close...

Here's a couple of vids made in a car park after some major rain, 23rd June 2004, there was a strong possibility this was gonna trash the car, but it was too much fun to not do!

Here's a couple of little vid's made on 4th June 2004, the first is just a short clip of the new engine on tickover, the second is Dave going for a crazy jump, and wiping out in a big way, although it is quite hard to see it fly, you'll see the crash...

Us at Country Car Park - attempting to jump the road, May 2004

Us at a skate-park, in the snow, January 2004

Us at a big empty car park, January 2004