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UPDATE - 1st February 2008

Ok it's obviously been a fair while since I updated this heh.  But I thought, seen as the site is having a revamp, that I should bring this up to the present.  Basically I sold of the whole collection and am at the moment RC-less, although I am looking for a HPI Baja 5B or SS petrol 1/5th scale buggy... This page will be updated and renamed when and if I get one!


UPDATE - 3th October 2006

Well, basically, the collection that I was trimming, grew again... The photos speak for them selves really, the Revo with the orange engine head has: RB TM323 engine, Blue RPM arms all round, upper and lower, 7075 red alloy push rods, 7075 red alloy toe links on the rear,Forward only conversion, 3 racing alloy servo guards, Carbon throttle servo mount, New Era steel roll bar, Black proline rock pleaser body shell, titanium hinge pins
and blue alloy shock ends.  The other is virtually stock except for the red pushrods :-)  As you can see, the Savage has gone back to the K4.6 - I couldn't get on with the STS, and it has some new 23mm hexes wearing Proline velocity dishes with Mulcher tyres.


UPDATE - 29th August 2006

Well, as the front page says I'm keeping the Savage now as a project to keep me entertained, and it already has a new engine!  New clutch is on the way, as the stock one is struggling with the grunt of the new motor.  Heres a couple of little pics of it freshly installed, running Robinson Racing 18t hardened clutch bell.  The new wheels and tyres are stock T-Maxx wheels running ProLine Mulcher tyres.



UPDATE - 25th April 2006

Well, I should probably be revising for my one and only exam this year, and my final one at Uni, but I just thought I'd post an update to announce that due to changing circumstances, namely me moving abroad for a bit, I'll be selling up the entire collection, so watch eBay in the coming months...

It'll be a sad day no doubt, but times change, bring on the next hobby!  Thinking something along the lines of a motorbike...


UPDATE - 9th January 2006

Since the last update I have added red springs, a Hitec 625mg servo on the throttle/brake, Hardcore Racing Titanium engine plate and a Robinson Racing hardened steel 48 tooth spur gear and 16t clutch bell combo.  The red springs are softer than the purple I was running before, lowering the truck and improving the handling.  The uprated servo on the throttle and brake linkage is faster and more powerful than the stock servo, improving throttle response and braking power, the HCR engine plate was just so I had the whole set, and the steel spur and clutch bell combo were because I never wanted to have to change another spur gear again!  The final picture here shows my Savage, along with Jonny's new Limited Edition 3 speed Savage and my TS4n road car on charge.  Also, I sold the original buggy now - I was sad to see it go, after it got me into the hobby, but the cash was much welcomed!




UPDATE - 23rd July 2005

Well I've done quite a few modifications to the truck since the last update.  It now sports a HPI K4.6 .28 engine, fitted with roto-start (no more pull starts!), and Hardcore Racing Titanium skids plates on the front and rear, Hardcore Racing Titanium TVP's and roll bar handle!  These bits are normally *very* expensive, but I managed to pick them up cheap from Ebay :).  These new parts are all shown in the bottom 7 pictures of this update, whereas the top 3 pictures show my newly acquired Hummer H2 shell, which sits quite nicely with the big chrome 40 series wheels.




UPDATE - 12th April 2005

More new wheels and tyres!  Proline Velocity 6 40 series wheels with Proline Dirt Hawg tyres.



UPDATE - 24th March 2005

Got some new tyres and wheels fitted onto the Savage.  The tyres are the standard ones that come with the MGT/MTA4 and the wheels are Hot Bodies Dagger's.



UPDATE - 17th March 2005

Got and fitted a new engine and air filter to the Savage (well, the filter came about 3 weeks later), also, managed to bend the roll bar, then attempt to bend it back, and then collapse the whole rear end :)  Behold the awesomeness of my slippers as well ;)

As this new engine had a considerable power advantage over the old Hyper (3.6bhp as opposed to 2.5bhp, and much more low down torque) I had to make a few other changes, such as a larger clutchbell, to lessen wheelies, and give more top end speed.  Also, its where the other previously done mod's came in useful, such as the heavy duty driveshafts and uprated 4 spider differentials.




UPDATE - 27th February 2005

Some pointless and not very good action shots of the Sav and Jamie's MTA4


And a couple of group shots, the first is both MTAs and my Sav with the shells off, the 2nd is both MTAs, the Mammoth and my Sav.  (56k users, a warning, pic 2 is huge, and 500k)



UPDATE - 21st February 2005

Here is the Savage with its new wheels and shell, and with its old shell in need of a clean!



UPDATE - 30th January 2005

And, yes, i've gone and got another RC car :)  This time, its a monster truck to sort of 'complete' the set!  Its a HPi Savage, running Proline Velocity wide-offset wheels, HPI DirtBonz tyres, my Hyper 21 8 Port engine, and an RB pipe.  It has been modded also with Alu shock towers, heavy duty driveshafts, and uprated spider diffs.


Here are some pointless little shots of it driving over the road car.



UPDATE - 28th October 2004

Well, a couple of weeks ago, I got another RC car :)  This time, its a road car.  The buggy's aren't that good on the concrete, flipping, and breaking things, so it was decided I too (like Dave, who already had one) needed a road car for winter, when everywhere was too wet to buggy!  And here it is! 



It was a true Ebay bargain!  £245 new ready to run.  This was £130, and has £150 of upgrade parts and a load of spares with it, and had only run for about 2 tanks of fuel!


UPDATE - 4th June 2004

And now - having destroyed the SX-21 3 port engine, a new 8 port Hyper 21 engine has been fitted.  Spent this evening running it in, and sweet jesus its fast, not even tuned properly yet, and i was only using slight amounts of throttle, and it FLEW.  Now of course, this is due to now having 725bhp/tonne ;)

Here's a few pics of it, all nice and clean before i started abusing it :)



And here it is with its new bling bling chrome wheels!


Here it is with new shell, new wing and street tyres, in its street setup :)  New exhaust is also on there.


Here's what happened to that shiny new exhaust after a heavy impact...


And here are some pics of Dave's car after it hit the corner of the roof of a dumped car we were jumping, checkout the video gallery for the movie of this ;)