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My RenaultSport Clio V6 Mk1

Summary -

In June 2007 I replaced my 206 with a 51 plate RenaultSport Clio V6.  It's basically a Clio, with a 3.0 V6 24v engine where the back seats would be.  There is very little boot, although there is a parcel shelf behind the seats with a luggage net, and a luggage space under the bonnet - although this get's wet when it rains because it's not water tight...  The car is a bit of a mis-match of bits, Clio shell, Laguna engine with TWR designed free flowing heads, AP Racing 4 pot front brakes (330mm vented disks), Koni shocks, Eibach springs and OZ Racing 17" wheels.  It develops 230bhp at 6,000rpm and about 310nm of torque at about 3,500rpm.  It's a great car to drive and never, ever fails to turn heads wherever I take it.  It's done 29k miles at present - but this is sure to rise as me and a few friends are planning a driving holiday to Europe this year to take in The Nurburgring, Monaco and the continent in general!

256 Mk1 V6's were officially sold through Renault UK dealers in this country (there were some imports as well) and a high proportion (compared to other cars) have been crashed and written off due the tricky nature of a short wheelbase, rear wheel drive, mid engined car - and also because of the hugely expensive spare parts which make it very easy to write one off with relatively little damage.

Modifications -

Well I'm keeping it fairly standard as these are rare cars, so far I have mainly just done some tidying jobs and general servicing (new engine and gearbox oil).  I've replaced the interior grab handles with some new ones as the old ones were worn, also I've swapped the side repeaters for clear ones from orange, and the orange indicator bulbs for Silvervision ones that appear silver, but flash orange.  I've also installed a Pioneer 6950IB MP3 Head Unit and Pioneer underseat sub to give the sound a bit more punch. 

The main modification I've done so far is the K-Tec Racing stainless steel backbox - which not only looks far nicer than the standard mild steel OEM item - it also sounds much more purposeful and produces some lovely pops on the overrun. 

The best change I've made though is without doubt the new rear tyres which I have just fitted.  The previous owner fitted budget Nexan tyres on the rear which are frankly not up to the job - especially in the wet.  I've just replaced them with a pair of 235/45/17 Goodyear F1s - that make it feel like a whole new car, producing unbelievable grip, wet or dry!  I'd highly recommend them to anyone.

I have also just sourced from eBay, for the princely sum of 99p, a spare, quite tatty, steering wheel.  The plan here is to remove my mint wheel and keep that nice, and have the spare re-trimmed in grey Alcantara to match the doorcards and seats.

Cleaning -

I like to somewhat pamper the V6, and have been getting more into the detailing side of car care recently.  My new washing routine, in the most complete form would be -

  • Foam Lance - allow to dwell for 10 minutes,
  • Wash - using Meguiars wash mit and Meguiars Gold Glass Shampoo,
  • Dry - Poorboys waffle weave drying towel and Meguiars Detailer applied to help drying,
  • Clay - Meguiars Quik Clay and Detailer,
  • Polish - Autoglym Super Resin Polish,
  • Sealant - Jeffs Werkstatt Acrylic Glos,
  • Wax - Dodo Juice Light Fantastic soft wax.

Claying will only occur once or twice a year, polishing maybe 3 or 4 times a year, sealant and wax will be most times - the wax lasts a few months and with the detailer applied regularly on drying that also adds a small amount of protection.


Pictures of everything discussed here and to do with my V6 can be found on