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My Old Cars

Sept 2004 Peugeot 206 XSi 1.6 16v

Its in shiny metallic Aegean Blue, and is very nice!  It has lots of nice things i've never had before, such as Air-Con, ABS, EBD, EBA, athermic windscreen, auto-wipers, auto-lights etc etc.  Its not exactly blisteringly fast, but it is nice and nippy, thanks to the short gearing (indeed, 60 needs 3rd gear, which hurts the 0-60 time but offers better midrange) and 110bhp 1.6 16v engine.  (Thanks to Ryan for taking the below pics!)



03/06/2006 - Well I've had the car a fair while now, and having washed it today, I met my mate Chris who has an Astra Coupe Turbo (tweaked to 235bhp) and we took a few photos of our extra shiny motors!


My previous car - 405 GLi

The 405 has now left me, and been sold to Shep, who has repaired the duff differential.  These pictures are remaining up in homage :)  It no longer sports the lights or wheels, or stereo, but for the price he paid, Shep can't complain!  Click the pics to see bigger images :)


This one was taken in January, the picture doesn't do justice to just how dirty the car actually was...

And here it was after the final mod i ever did, which was a set of Lexus rear lights, which at the time, were unheard of on a 405.