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01/02/2008 - Well as you can see, it's been almost a year since the last update to  It fell by the wayside a little bit as I now have another site that I use as an online photo gallery,  I have taken up photography as a little bit of a hobby which is why I've concentrated more on that.  I looked back on Danontherun though and noticed it still gets way more hits due to that infamous sandwich and decided it did indeed need a nice refresher!  So here it is!  The all new Danontherun. 

What's new since the last update, well, I've been in hospital again, I had 6 ribs removed and a loads of muscles from around my spine, I got a puppy - a Golden Retriever named Abby, who is lovely!  Also, I got a new car!  See My Car for more on that.  I left the RC hobby but am looking to get back in and am thinking about trying the only type I haven't yet owned - a petrol 1/5th scale RC buggy - namely a HPI Baja 5B or SS.  More to come on this in a future update hopefully!  Anyway, that'll do for now, it is just past 3am so I should probably go to bed....

18/02/2007 - Well this is the first update of the new year. Mainly because I have been busy with hospitals and stuff, but also to blame is the fact I couldn't really be bothered. The astute and regular visitors amongst you will notice that the site has changed a bit. The stuff page has gone, because it was a bit crap, and the inane ramblings of me have been moved from the front page, to this new waffle page, where I will now be waffling : )

03/10/2006 - Added some new pictures to the RC Car page of my new trucks, and changed this front page picture. That's me at the edge of a 4,000ft drop into the Grand Canyon...

29/08/2006 - Announcement retracted, I'm NOT moving abroad for any time any more, I'm staying here to have some quality time in hospital. Ho Hum. Keeping the Savage as well now, going to mod it some more for something to do on those long, dull days at home. This has begun already with the addition of a new STS .30 5 Port roto start engine! It's just been broken in and so far, signs are good.....

03/06/2006 - Just added some new photos of the motor that me and Chris took, including his 235bhp Astra Coupe Turbo in Scarborough to the My Car page - Enjoy!

22/05/2006 - Well, a lot of people have gone home now, and I myself am going in a few days. I've had some great times here at Uni and I'm going to be sad to leave, but alas, life must go on, and in October, I'm moving to Canada for nine months or so! Exciting, and a bit daunting. I haven't updated any of the pages, just this front page, and changed the photo to include my new 2nd bass.

05/05/2006 - Well, it's done. Three hours of Strategic Management exam yesterday, that was not much fun, but it's over. Mwahaha :-) Beer time...

25/4/2006 - Well, the time is almost upon us. I've handed in all my work, and my dissertation, andI have one exam this year, Strategic Management on the 4th of May, then I'm finished at Uni, although I'll be hanging around till the end of May, purely for party reasons :-) It's been the best time of my life, with ups and downs, and I'll be sad to finish in all honesty. Updates this time, well, nothing really except this, and the announcement on the RC Page that I'm getting out of the RC hobby, its been fun, but now I'm moving on to something more exciting, haven't decided what yet, thinking about a motorbike though, seen as though I have my full licence just sitting here doing nothing. I've also changed the links page, taking off some of the links I never use, and adding the new sites I frequent. The picture below is of my bass guitar! Learning is going well, it's easier than I expected and I can actually play some stuff! That's all for now!

25/03/2006 - Well, Uni is coming to a close now! Had my last ever lecture on friday the 24th, got one seminar next week, then just got to hand in a few assignments, give a presentation, hand in my diss (which is at 13,156 words!) then an exam after Easter on the 4th of May and I'm done! Quite sad to be finishing really, it's been good times. I'm about to start to learn the bass guitar! I haven't really started yet though, so I can't comment yet, except to blame Kyle... I've decided to start leaving these entries on the first page and not delete them from now on, so the past entries are below the front page pic. The pic below is one I took one very cold evening at Lincoln cathedral - I was just quite proud of it, it came out well, in some kind of arty way :-)

09/01/2006 - HAPPY NEW YEAR! Hope everyone reading this had a good Christmas and New Year! I've updated the RC Car page with some new pictures and a little writing, and I've added a video to the videos page and a few new pictures to the Pics page! Enjoy!

22/11/2005 - New front picture added, previous front pic moved to Picture Gallery. I'll soon be adding more galleries of various things. Bit busy at the moment though with 3 assignments to hand in on the 5th of December! But then after that, I have the Christmas Ball to look forward to, for which i've got me a suit! And then of course, the Christmas holidays and some hardcore catching up on some sleep, and maybe not drinking for a while.